sunbury antiques

way back in the 80’s i started buying and selling old stuff – some antiques some just old and beautiful. none of it was ever called vintage except for 50’s frocks. throughout my career i have managed to carry on buying with a purpose, as a stylist and designer, and that appeases the guilt of trawling yet another boot fair.

as i drive past an exciting looking junk shop and start to slow down my, now 25 year old, son would shout “ drive on mother, drive on”. some items i just have to keep, some i use in photography and styling and some get sold. items can move from one category to another as you fall in and out of love with them or the house is just way to cluttered (follow @harpcottage for the curated look).

 hence my partnering up with @foxypheasant to take a van load of beautiful old rustic stuff down to sunbury antiques… if we part with loads of items we can buy new!